LUMEN Clipboard

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Introducing the LUMEN Clipboard from Audience Wonderland - the ultimate, pocket-sized electronic impression device for professional performers.

This is AWP’s flagship product that was the sell-out release at Blackpool 2023 and is the most versatile device in our range. 

Its discreet design and cutting-edge technology seamlessly blend the art of magic with the marvels of modern innovation, transmitting your audience's thoughts to you in real-time. 

This is the gold standard for the next generation of Electronic Impression Devices in 2024.

Color: Black

Product Description

From The Creator:

”This is still the workhorse for me when it comes to events. I’ve got a big writeable area that the whole audience can see, and it’s so slim and sleek it slides inside any suit jacket pocket. If you’re on a budget and you want something for nearly everything, this is the most affordable and versatile impression pad we make and it’s a great investment for your act. You will use it.”

The Best of All 3 Worlds: Small enough to fit in your pocket and big enough to use in your parlor and stage shows, the LUMEN Clipboard is the most versatile device for any working professional.

Long-Lasting Battery Life: 5 hours wireless charging gives you an incredible 12 hour battery life.

Versatile Range: 20 to 30 metre wireless Bluetooth range, depending on your environment - connected to your iOS Device.

Never Miss An Impression: If the device disconnects, it will store the spectator’s impression and automatically send it to your iOS device as soon as they come back into range.

Multiple Peek Options: Use your Apple Watch, Peeksmith or engage the ‘Fake Homescreen’ for a discreet and invisible peek of your spectator’s thoughts.

Bespoke Design: The custom-made digitiser for this product gives you a 90% writeable area, meaning you will never miss a letter or number again. No folded digitisers and complete impression reliability.