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The LUMEN Stage is the ultimate tool for Parlor and Stage performers. Finally, an impression your audience can SEE from a distance!

We're the first company in the world to crack the mystery of creating a Sharpie Impression Pen that features a Cartridge Refill System, ensuring long-lasting ink for up to 40 - 50 shows.

We also include a special ballpoint pen for pre-show Q&A routines, alongside a matching ungimmicked stage pad.

Say goodbye to whiteboards and chalkboards— upgrade to the LUMEN Stage Clipboard for 2024. 

Color: Black

Product Description

From The Creator:

“For a long time I used a chalkboard in my stage and parlor shows - not because I wanted to, but because it was the only thing that was available. Having a sharpie that I no longer have to think about refilling combined with a reliable A4 impression device has changed everything for me.
I have a killer drawing and word duplication routine now that no longer looks out of place and suits my audiences 100%!”

Refillable Cartridge Sharpie: An advanced and ingenious bit of engineering gives you a regular Sharpie Marker that refills with ink cartridges, removing the pain of syringes and inconvenience.

Secret Tech Recipe: Our work has meant we have cracked the ingredients to giving you long lasting ink that lasts anywhere between 40 - 50 shows! 

Dual Use: We have included a newly designed, ‘Partner’ branded ball point pen to give you the option to use the Stage for pre-show work before your show, as well as the Sharpie for on stage use. 

Long-Lasting Battery Life: 5 hours wireless charging gives you an incredible 12 hour battery life.

Versatile Range: 20 to 30 metre wireless Bluetooth range, depending on your environment - connected to your iOS Device.

Never Miss An Impression: If the device disconnects, it will store the spectator’s impression and automatically send it to your iOS device as soon as they come back into range.

Multiple Peek Options: Use your Apple Watch, Peeksmith or engage the ‘Fake Homescreen’ for a discreet and invisible peek of your spectator’s thoughts.

Bespoke Design: The custom-made digitiser for this product gives you a 90% writeable area, meaning you will never miss a letter or number again. No folded digitisers and complete impression reliability.