LUMEN Trilogy

Sale price$1,780.00

The LUMEN Trilogy combines three deceptive options into one perfect impression package. 

The Trilogy has all the technical genius of the LUMEN Mini but has been redesigned into an EDC that can be placed inside a Wallet, Card box or even used as a Miniature Clipboard. 

Limited only by your imagination, you can finally unlock the ability to perform anywhere, at any time with zero suspicion! 

Product Description

From The Creator:

“The Trilogy is a luxury if I’m honest, it’s this brilliantly crafted little plate of technology that sits inside my wallet wrapped in cash.
It is so thin it’s invisible, allowing me to confidently perform hi-end tech magic socially without carrying a pad or clipboard around with me.
It’s a bonus for my stack work being able to drop it in a deck of cards too!”

Ultimate Flexibility: Insert the Trilogy Gimmick into the Wallet, the Ruby Duos Cardbox or use it as a Miniature Clipboard.
Three different disguises for the cleanest peek into your spectator’s thoughts. 

Lumen Wallet Integration: A popular choice among users, this feature allows the integration of The Trilogy into a daily wallet, merging functionality with daily essentials like money, ID and bank cards.

Card Box Utilization: Accompanied by a specialist card box and an edge-marked deck, The Trilogy can be discreetly placed inside the box, for a seamless blend into card magic performances.

Mini Clipboard Functionality: The third pillar of The Trilogy's design philosophy enables it to function as a Mini Clipboard, complete with a non-gimmicked counterpart for Drawing Duplications, enhancing the symmetry of the performances.

Long-Lasting Battery Life: 4 hours wireless charging gives you an incredible 10 hour battery life.

Versatile Range: 20 to 30 metre wireless Bluetooth range, depending on your environment - connected to your iOS Device.

Never Miss An Impression: If the device disconnects, it will store the spectator’s impression and automatically send it to your iOS device as soon as they come back into range.

Multiple Peek Options: Use your Apple Watch, Peeksmith or engage the ‘Fake Homescreen’ for a discreet and invisible peek of your spectator’s thoughts.

Includes Gel Pen: As standard the LUMEN Mini includes the upgraded and lightweight electronic Gel Pen that balances the line between cheap and functional with a modern and professional aesthetic. No charging of the pen required! 

Bespoke Design: The custom-made digitiser for this product gives you a 90% writeable area, meaning you will never miss a letter or number again. No folded digitisers and complete impression reliability.