About Audience Wonderland

Audience Wonderland is a cutting-edge company specialising in the creation of innovative electronic impression devices. Founded in 2020 by Sam Dixon (Maddox), an experienced TV magician and illusionist, the company was established with a clear vision: to provide a solution for professional performers that is both reliable, portable and effective.

In 2021, Sam met Zheng Yu, a talented creator based in Shenzhen, China, who had dedicated his efforts to create bespoke technology that would make the vision of a pocket sized impression device a reality. Together, they combined Sam's expertise as a performer and Zheng's technical know-how to bring their innovative products to market. The team at Audience Wonderland is comprised of specialists in production, manufacturing, and invention, who are passionate about creating products that they love and can use with confidence. They strive for excellence in every aspect of their work, and are dedicated to providing their customers with the best possible experience.

The company's products undergo thorough testing and refinement to ensure that they perform at the highest level, whether on stage, in close-up, or on television. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Audience Wonderland sets itself apart in the industry and is driven by its ambition to be the best.

Meet The Team


Sam Dixon works professionally as Maddox Dixon as a magician and illusionist, with his primary career being in performing for private, corporate and international clients around the world. He has had a lifetime in entertainment, a multi-instrumentalist who’s written, recorded and toured with artists from Ed Sheeran, Foxes, Jess Glynne, Danni Minogue and Coldplay. In 2016 Sam left the music industry to pursue life as a solo performer - entering into magic opening for Coldplay in their stadium Head Full Of Dreams Tour as a magician. Shortly after he became a BGT semi-finalist and was thrust into a career of high-profile stage shows.

Audience Wonderland was founded on his career as a performing magician, after several years beta-testing and developing products with other creators - he decided to create his own, reliable range of electronic impression devices. Despite Sam strictly keeping Audience Wonderland’s retail arm as a side project to his main career, he has managed to balance consulting, performing and entertaining clients in addition to developing and running a now successful and thriving magic company.

ZHENG YU - Owner

Zheng Yu's journey into the mesmerizing world of magic began in 2008, captivated by the Liu Qian Magic TV show. His newfound passion led him to Hunan University in 2009, where he didn't just join the Magic Association but ascended to its presidency by 2010, marking the beginning of a significant chapter in his life dedicated to the art of illusion.

By May 2020, Zheng's dedication and ingenuity bore fruit with the release of the first impression board, the "Reading Center Board," in the Magic Garden. His groundbreaking work caught the attention of 36Note propelling him into a pivotal role as their project manager. Here, Zheng was instrumental in the mass production of a generation of smart tablets, further solidifying his experience and commitment in pursuit of magic technology. Beyond his technological contributions, Zheng Yu is a talented magician himself, blending his deep understanding of magic with his technical expertise to create truly groundbreaking products.

His journey from a university Magic Association President to a pioneering figure in tech magic is a testament to his hard work and passion for perfection.


As the Lead Developer at Audience Wonderland, Shameer Salim has been instrumental in realising the company's ambitious vision for an app that pushes the boundaries of innovation with impression integrations. An experienced software engineer and mentalist, Shameer excels at juggling code and mind games to bring ideas to life - with many of his own successful independent releases including Hydra, Cipher and Iceberg.

His expertise and passion have been pivotal in transforming ideas into reality, making him an invaluable asset to the team.

STEPHEN MCQUEEN - Customer Support

Stephen McQueen is the Customer Support Manager at Audience Wonderland. He is also a professional magician who has been performing full-time for the last 16 years. Stephen began his career performing professionally in Santa Monica in 2006, and later moved back to the UK to work with an agency, performing all around the country and specializing in Magic, Mentalism, and Pickpocketing.

He has served as an adviser and acting double in movies, television, and virtual reality projects, including work on "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," "Holby City," and "Dom Hemingway" with Jude Law. Stephen possesses extensive knowledge across all Audience Wonderland products and has built an excellent reputation for supporting and meeting the needs of our customers.