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LUMEN Pro is the pinnacle of power for creating devastating miracles, seven years in the making. Our sell-out product for Blackpool 2024 represents the culmination of many years in the pursuit of performance excellence and peek perfection.

This is an upgrade package for all LUMEN Impression Devices - unlocking text recognition and integrations in the app that are controlled and viewed using the included LUMEN Eye Sharpie.

The LUMEN Eye, the physical component of LUMEN Pro, is a bespoke 'regular' Sharpie that contains a small screen and button, empowering users to control their performances invisibly. It is the best and most natural electronic peek device ever created.

The cornerstone of LUMEN Pro's digital prowess—its AI text recognition—boasts a remarkable accuracy rate and supports multiple languages, offering a global and offline solution for performers. Paired with incredible integrations, LUMEN Pro is a complete package designed to unlock the true potential of any LUMEN impression device.

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Product Description

From The Creator:

“I promise you, the first time you see a word appear on the Eye after a spectator has written it - you will feel like you just discovered magic all over again. This product has been a dream of mine for years and experiencing it firsthand is the only way to truly appreciate its impact and the incredible reactions LUMEN Pro can create.”

LUMEN Pro Explained:

All LUMEN Impression Devices capture the pen strokes of your spectator and create a real-time image on your iOS device.

When you upgrade to LUMEN Pro, you unlock much more than the basic functionality by activating a secret engine within the LUMEN app that is powered by AI.

This engine transforms the pen strokes from merely being a 'picture' to actual 'text' through text recognition.

Once your spectator's thoughts are translated into text, you can then view, send, and automate this text to create unbelievable miracles for your audiences - from printing ‘predictions’, setting the time on your watch or their word being ‘googled’ on a spectator’s device. 

The possibilities are endless!

The LUMEN Eye Explained:

The LUMEN Eye acts as a remote and peek device for the LUMEN Pro app. 

Impressions that are converted to text show up as clear, bold words that you can read immediately with just a glance. 

Rarely text recognition misses, but when if it does, a simple press of the button shows you the drawing as a back-up meaning you are always covered for the peek in a performance situation. 

You can use the Eye to control your app:

  • Clear the canvas with a long button push
  • Send the word to a printer or other integration with a double tap
  • View the drawing with a single tap