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Introducing the LUMEN Mini from Audience Wonderland, a masterclass in design and functionality for the discerning magician or mentalist.

Owning the Mini means possessing the highest level of tech miniaturised into an item that is socially acceptable & normal.
For the first time, you can now perform for anyone, anywhere, at any time - marking a true milestone in the history of Electronic Impression Devices.

The inclusion of custom branding options, such as Moleskiné or Sheraton, allows for a personal touch, making the Mini truly your own.

Product Description

From The Creator:

The Mini is, with my hand on my heart - my personal favourite. I was recently fortunate enough whilst performing to place it in the hands of tech giants Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg.I know deep down that for them, it was an unnoticed part of the routine - and that's the beauty of the Mini; it is simply invisible to my audience.”

The LUMEN Mini is considered by many professionals to be the very best and most natural impression device ever created. 

Unparalleled Discretion: Designed to be the epitome of normal, ensuring your magic remains the centre of attention.

Sleek and Professional: Recognized as the most aesthetically pleasing impression pad, favoured by the elite in magic.

Long-Lasting Battery Life: 4 hours wireless charging gives you an incredible 10 hour battery life.

Versatile Range: 20 to 30 metre wireless Bluetooth range, depending on your environment - connected to your iOS Device.

Never Miss An Impression: If the device disconnects, it will store the spectator’s impression and automatically send it to your iOS device as soon as they come back into range.

Multiple Peek Options: Use your Apple Watch, Peeksmith or engage the ‘Fake Homescreen’ for a discreet and invisible peek of your spectator’s thoughts.

Bespoke Design: The custom-made digitiser for this product gives you a 90% writeable area, meaning you will never miss a letter or number again. No folded digitisers and complete impression reliability.

Includes Gel Pen: As standard the LUMEN Mini includes the upgraded and lightweight electronic Gel Pen that balances the line between cheap and functional with a modern and professional aesthetic. No charging of the pen required! 

Customisable: Includes branding options for a personalised touch, enhancing the connection between performer and device.